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It is possible to get a buy-to-let mortgage through a limited company, as long as you are given the right advice suited to your needs.


  • Tax: Can be seen as more tax efficient than personal income, especially for higher rate or additional earners.
  • Limited liability: If the company dissolves it is not forced to sell other personal assets (unless guarantee’s or other security is given).
  • Multiple shareholders: Can make it easier to manage proportions of ownership and share of profits etc.
  • Increased potential borrowing: Other lenders for new personal mortgages may not take these into account as commitments and therefore may allow increased personal borrowing.


  • Limited number of lenders to choose from: More restrictive criteria and choice of products, which may mean higher rates/costs and less value on investment.
  • Potential fees: Consider any increased legal costs and paperwork (likely to include property details and tax returns).
  • Complications: A buy-to-let mortgage for a limited company may be lightly more complicated to set up.

*We recommend that you take professional tax advice before purchasing or moving your buy-to-let properties into a company structure*

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